Brand – Identity

Many businesses recognise that their company’s culture – the way their product or service is delivered to the customer – is also a key success factor.

Your logo design expresses your product or service, combined with your business values or culture, in the most simple terms. In other words, it is a representation of your BRAND.

Effective identity design is one tof the most critical steps toward establishing consistent and successful communication strategy. RaviGraphix has accumulated extensive experience in most areas relating to Branding and Identity Design. We have successfully developed logo and identity systems for various organizations.

After thorough research, we will deliver unique and original design that will help you better position your organization and lead to better brand awareness and recognition.

Our Branding and Identity Design services include:

Logo/Identity Design
Style Guide Development
Basic and Extended Identity Package Design
Print/Collateral Materials Design

The Perfect Logo:

1: Your logo must be distinctive
Your logo needn’t be unique, but it must be distinctive enough to clearly identify you within your specific marketplace.

2: Your logo design must be practical
Logos always look great on letterheads. But logos can and do end up appearing everywhere, from exhibition displays to promotional pens. A logo must still work when it’s printed small, or in black and white.

3: Your logo must be immediate
Any logo must communicate in purely visual terms without the need for intellectual interpretation. Even a typographic logo (wordmark) can be recognized by form alone (you don’t have to “read” Virgin ’s logo more than once or twice).

4: Your logo design must be simple
A logo must be understood in an instant so there’s only room for one key idea. If there’s a picture or symbol, the accompanying name should be unfussy. If the logo design is typographic (a wordmark), just one interesting device will make it distinctive. And the more unique the name, the simpler any graphics should be.

5: Your logo must carry only one message
Successful logo designs express no more than one key attribute (such as power or precision or tradition) and convey the company or product’s market position (e.g. upmarket/downmarket).


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