Flash Design

Complete Websites: You can use Flash animation to build a fully functioning website that more greatly enriches your visitors’ experience than any HTML-only based site can.

Website Enhancements
: Flash animation can add a lot of interest to your web site through the use of an intro, interactive menus, animated logos, banners, demos and

: Use Flash animation to create banner ads that prospects will want to click.

Dual Purpose Animations: On and/or Off the Web Presentations and Demos: Flash is excellent for creating amazing mini-movies for product and service promotion or demos, or an unforgettable corporate overview. A demo can be used as a web animation on your website, or stand-alone movie on a plasma or PC monitor for a trade show.

CD Business Cards: Leave behind your contact information with an impressive corporate presentation that includes your value proposition to customers, describes and illustrates your products and services, and includes a link to your website.

Animated Logos: Ravigraphix your logo with a clever animation. Render your logo in 3-d. Apply your animated logo in different resolution clips for your web site, multimedia presentations, and office screensavers.

Flash Animation an Industry Standard

An industry standard, Flash animation is today the most widely used multimedia authoring tool for creating fully interactive, real-time animations both on and off the Web. You can accomplish the most amazing animations with Flash without creating huge files that take forever to download or strain the limits of your PC. Flash animations have very low bandwidth requirements compared to that required for animated GIF’s, Quick Time movies, or even Shockwave Director technology.

The Technology behind Flash Animation

Flash animation achieves the low file size by using vector art instead of the bit-mapped art as utilized in Shockwave and animated GIF’s. Vector art uses geometry to define shapes and colors; bitmapped art is defined by coloring each individual pixel (represented by a group of data bits) in a user-defined fixed sized matrix (often called a “raster”). Programs such as Photoshop, Painter, and your scanner software use bitmap graphics.

As web animations, Flash animation works on all operating systems and can be viewed with the Flash or Shockwave plug-in or through JAVA- playback and Active X if you don’t have the plug-in. Macromedia estimates that 98% of people on the web have the Flash plug to view Flash animation. Standalone Flash demos and presentations are exported so that they do not need any special software to be viewed.

The Flash Animation Design Process

1. We chat with you and gather materials; also to find out where and how you plan to use the final product.
2. To help you visualize the final product, a storyboard is created with text and suggestions for use of image     animations, and possibly audio, music, 3-D animation, video, etc.
3. Once you approve the storyboard, we do some non- animated graphic renderings for you to review. After     you approve the picture renderings, the storyboard is brought to life with Flash animation.
4. After any additional tweaking you may require, you are ready to unveil your Flash Animation.


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